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AIAA Texas A&M Dues

Membership dues help us to provide our members to enjoy as many positive activities and experiences possible. We offer two options in buying dues, by semester or for the full academic year. By selecting the full academic year, member's can save $5 dollars as opposed to paying for two semesters!

$25.00 - Yearly

$15.00 - Semesterly

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AIAA National Dues

National AIAA memberships are crucial for students. Joining AIAA gives you access to so many opportunities; these perks are far to numerous and in-depth to fully list here. When you click the "join now" button you'll be able to see a full list of membership benefits. 


Our Merchandise


These colorful Comfort Colors tees are a great addition for any AIAA TAMU Aggie's closet! The standard color "sleeved" T-Shirt is "Blue Jean" and the Tank Version is "Island Reef", both feature a front pocket with our AIAA/ATM block logo in white. The back of the shirts have custom artwork featuring three aircraft an F-35, Saturn 5 Rocket, and a 787. 


We have these shirts in a limited quantity from Small to X-Large.

(Please Note: The X-Large Tanks are "Blue Jean" not "Island Reef")



AIAA TAMU Stickers

Perfect for putting on your car or cooler, this 6.5 inch AIAA TAMU die cut decal features our custom AIAA TAMU logo, as shown to the left. Please note, however, there is not a background on these decals, only the white logo.