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As part of our commitment to helping our members pursue careers in the Aerospace field; AIAA TAMU sponsors two design teams - CanSat and DBF. These teams allow our students to go from conceptual design to final, real-world testing. More crucially, AIAA TAMU design teams give students the opportunity to apply engineering principles learned in class, as well as the chance to learn, master, and apply design software. These crucial skills and experiences help design team members stand out when entering the job market.

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Our design team uses engineering concepts learned in classes for real-world application. We use this knowledge to create rocket payloads that gather specific information and meet dimensional stated requirements. Our team then takes this information to create a design, our team takes this design all the way from concept to physical payload for competition.

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Design. Build. Fly.

Each year our team tackles a new and exciting problem sent out by AIAA. After carefully analyzing the competition's rules, specifications, and requirements we then Design/Build/Fly our solution: a top-notch aircraft in the hopes of winning the annual AIAA competition.

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